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Perinatal Mental Health Services

Becoming pregnant and having a baby creates a ripple effect, touching every part of your life.  Mental health challenges this time are so often overlooked.  Many women are not heard, understood or validated when the perinatal period is not happy, but instead filled with irritability, grief, trauma, depression or anxiety.

Navigating the perinatal period can mean emotional and physical challenges which can include pregnancy, miscarriage, infertility, infant loss, birth trauma, matrescense and postpartum hormonal shifts.

Pregnancy and postpartum often bring changes to your body, emotions, and relationships.

At Treat Counseling, we understand these challenges and have a caring team trained by Postpartum Support International. We are committed to giving parents helpful information and support during this important time.

We Tailor to Specific Needs of Pregnant and Postpartum Families

Our Perinatal services focus on some of the core issues of new parenthood including:

  • Foundations of Emotional Wellness in the Perinatal Period
  • The Birth of a Mother or Matrescence
  • Myths of Motherhood
  • Boundaries in the Perinatal Period
  • Partnership in Parenthood
  • Attachment and Connection to Baby
  • Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs)
  • Creating a Social Support Network

These specific areas are the most important topics in perinatal mental health. Our therapists help with these things to give complete support and guidance, making sure people feel emotionally well during the big changes of becoming parents

postpartum mental health - mother and child

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