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We Believe in High Quality Therapy as the Best form of Self Care

Counseling and Mental Health Therapy Session

We Believe in the Power of Therapy

We think everyone deserves the best form of self care: therapy.  We believe in treatment and want to empower clients to access our services.  We want our clients to feel seen, heard, and valued along the way.

At Treat, our core values guide everything we do. We prioritize client self-determination, ensuring that you play an active role in your therapeutic journey.

Our professional, warm, and compassionate therapists are dedicated to your well-being. We believe in the power of nonjudgmental, compassionate listening, providing you with a space where your concerns are heard and respected.

Our trained therapists use the latest research-based strategies to provide expert techniques tailored to your needs. Whether it's individual or group therapy, trust us to prioritize your well-being with informed and effective care.

Our Founders

Meet Tim and Jessica Allred, the founders of Treat Counseling.

Jessica has 14 years of therapy experience.  She loves training other therapists, working with clients, and witnessing the transformation that can happen in therapy.

Tim has 20 years of experience in sales, management and business and is passionate about the mission of Treat Counseling in supporting individuals and our community.

Our shared dream has always been to work together, expanding our impact in offering exceptional counseling services. Creating through insurance has always been our goal, where individuals receive the respect and compassion needed for healing and growth.

We're firm believers in the magic of therapy to transform individuals, relationships, and families, contributing to a more connected and real community.

As we grow, we're thrilled for the journey of learning and improvement ahead, devoted to boosting the well-being of all we serve.

Our founders - Jessica and Jim Allred

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