Pregnancy and Postpartum Workshop Book - Treat Counseling

Perinatal Workbook

Prepare to feel confident and empowered in your mental, physical, and relational aspects during pregnancy and postpartum. Our comprehensive workbook serves as your essential guide, offering practical, research-based information to foster your well-being during this pivotal period.

Self Hypnosis Audio Files - Treat Counseling

Self-Hypnosis Audio Sessions

Discover a series of Self-Hypnosis audio tracks for postpartum mental health recorded by mental health professionals Jessica Allred (LCSW), Jennifer Bahme Jenkins (LCSW), and Jessi Osmond (Lifecoach). Include one more line of text here to explain the series of 10 hypnosis sessions.

Our founders - Jessica and Jim Allred

About Treat Counseling

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